El Padrino, Colombia 230g


About this awesome coffee -Tastes like: Papaya, Banana, Cognac

Mountain: 2,300 MASL

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon and Typica

Process: Alcoholic lactic fermentation

Best for: Filter

Weight: 230g

Roaster notes: - "this exciting new processing technique gives this coffee a distinctive and unusual flavour. It has a boozy kick and fruity, mulled taste that just has to be tried. High acidity and a complex cup. We are loving brewing this coffee with our V60 and Aero Press"

Producer: 3 Farms; El Descanso, El Tractor and Villa Sierra

Over the mountain in La Sierra neighborhood, commune 8 of Medellín, there is a group of farmers who produce high-quality coffee. Now they can concentrate exclusively on the collection of their beans and Renacer process the beans, they are always looking for new methods to improve the quality of their coffee. This lot has been fermented for 170 hours, the fermentation's are restricted and they are divided into two parts. The first fermentation happens in the cherry, where the alcohol is developed, the second one happens after depulping the cherries then the lactobacillus is activated. After this the coffee is washed and sun dried.

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