El Tambo, Colombia 230g


About this awesome coffee -

Tastes like: Butterscotch, Chocolate, Hint of tropical fruit

Mountain: 1,930 + MASL
Variety: Castillo
Process: Washed
Best for: Espresso
Weight: 230g
Roaster notes: "A great example of a classic Colombian coffee, low acidicity, simple and easy going and perfect for most ways you like to brew your coffee.  A clean and bright coffee with notes of Butterscotch, chocolate and a hint of tropical kiwi.  This coffee has a  little bit of complexity and works great with milk"

Producer: A Comunity lot from the villages of El Ramal and Uribe in the department of Cauca .  By Producers; Ever Plinio Muñoz, Carlos Alban Campo, Melco Alirio Flor Montenegro, Heynar Enrique Idrobo Sarria, Arnulfo Tradio Orozco, Alexander Camayo Sanchez


This coffee is grown about 250 miles south west of Bogota and a high altitude.  The purple cherries are harvested and washed and pupled with a traditional pulper and dried for 20-30 hours.  

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