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Don Juan's Christmas Green 230g


About this awesome coffee:

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Tasting notes: Lychee, Gingerbread, Chamomille tea

Altitude: 2,100 MASL

Process: Washed

Varieties: Heirloom

Producer: Israel Degfa

Weight: 230g

Best for: Filter

Roaster notes: "A deliciously light treat coffee, you can actually taste the lychees and is a great example of falvourful Ethiopian filter coffee"


The washing station is owned by producer Israel Degfa which means it is not effected and influenced by pricing the government imposes on their state owned washing stations. This coffee is sourced and delivered to the washing station in the form of cherries from several hundred local smallholder farmers which mostly have small garden plots of coffee, along side other mixed crops that they grow for supplementary food and income. The coffee cherries are then processed onsite of the mill then dried on raised beds, they are frequently rotated to ensure the high quality is maintained post wash.


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