Cafe Amado II (Altamonte), Colombia 1kg


About this awesome coffee -

Tastes like: Honey, Blackberries, Almonds, White Chocolate

Mountain: 2,100 MASL

Variety: Caturra, Colombia

Process: Washed

Best for: Filter

Weight: 230g

Roaster notes: "This is the second release of the most recent coffee harvest from our farm, grown slightly higher up and different varieties of coffee. High acidity and complex cup. It continues to be a total honour to finally roast my family beans; great as a filter with light honey notes, it kind of tastes like a delicious white toblerone in a cup, best on it's own without milk. This doesn’t taste like your classic coffee and is a light roast”.

Producer: Jose Resterpo, Cecillia and Pedro Cely Delgado

Cafe Amado coffee is grown on the family mountain side where my Parents, Aunties, and Uncles still live today. Won in a very lucky game of cards by Grandad many years ago. My mother is the second born and in herited the second highest piece of land which is an ideal height for growing coffee. The family luck strikes again. The second release is from slightly higher up on the farm and includes the Colombia coffee variety. The coffee plants are surrounded by waterfalls, orange and bannanas groves. After the ripest cherries are picked, they are washed and laid out to dry on the open beds. The beans are carefully monitored to reach 11% mositure before they are able to leave the farm.

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