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Help us reach our target of £600 to reach 200 families in Medellin with a urgent food parcel

Last week we started hearing some harrowing stories in and around our coffee farm in Medellin Colombia of families in adjoining neighborhoods with literally no money to buy food and children who haven’t eaten in days. After a few sleepless nights, lots of research and late night zoom calls asking- what can we do? and how can we help? we came across Sonrisa A La Calle.

The Medellin based charity, Sonrisa A La Calle was set up by some dynamic young folks to support kids, through mentoring, building confidence and resilience. Their mission is to reduce the stats of these kids ending up in gangs or on the street

They have had to pivot their operations entirely in recent weeks due the corona virus pandemic to ensure the kids they support and their families are not starving. Through their charitable relationship building they already have the trust and access to some of Medellin's most vulnerable neighborhoods. With strict curfews in place, families living hand to mouth; there is now no money, little government support and they are unable to feed their families .

Sonrisa A La Calle have negotiated a deal with the Medellin supermarkets to purchase food parcels at cost.They already have volunteers in each of the neighborhoods ready to deliver food parcels. The more funds they have the more families they can reach and help.

We can't carry on roasting their incredible coffee without doing something to help. We hope you will join us in getting urgent aid packages to families in Medellin.

How your donations will help -

£3 will help a family of 4 by providing a food package for a week

£12 will help a a family of 4 with a food package for a month

Make a donation:


This week we will donate £3 for every coffee order we receive - let's do this.

Find out more about Sonrisa De La Calle

P.s we don’t have a catchy title for this campaign - we just wanted to launch this as soon as possible and get the funds to the charity as quickly as we can - if you can think of one let us know and we will add it later.


Whilst at Carnival Coffee Roasters we are all about long term sustainability at origin, we hope to partner with this charity in the long term on some of their projects improving the outcomes of children within the communities where our coffees come from. However, today they urgently need funds to purchase food at cost to reach more families in this unimaginable situation.

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