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We love nothing more at Carnival Coffee Roasters than testing and trying out different brewing methods and recipes.  

If you want to replicate the recipes we use at home, you can find them below. We think the best thing to do is to play

around with the ratios; see what works for you and what you like. Most importantly remember to change only one variable

at a time when changing the recipe, that way you will understand how each element changes the final outcome of the coffee.


Aero Press

Invented in 2005 by Alan Alder, great due to quick brew times and versatility . Based on the mechanics of a french press/ cafietiere with the addition of paper filters and a rubber seal results in excellent extraction and a fantastic mouthfeel.


· Time: 1:25 minutes

· 250ml/ 94C

· Medium / fine grind

· 16g coffee


Fit your AreoPress with one filter paper and place it on top of a cup or pitcher. Rinse with hot water to pre-heat and get rid of the residual paper taste. Place your ground coffee into the AeroPress and give it a shake. Start your timer, quickly pour 230g of water and stir your coffee within 20 seconds of pouring over the water and stir both ways to ensure consistent extraction. Place the plunger on top of the AeroPress and pull it up slightly to create a vacum. After 60 seconds stir again and as above. Put the plunger back and push down at a 45 degree angle. Aim for an extraction of 20 - 22%.



The Hario V60 is one fo the most iconic drip brewers on the market. It is named after the 60 degree angle that forms it’s V shape.


· Time: 2:30 minutes

· 250ml / 94C

· Medium grind

· 16g coffee


Ensure you have filtered/ bottled water. Grind your coffee just before you brew. Before you start wet the filter paper with hot water (to get rid of the paper taste and pre-heating your drip brewer). First pour: 30 - 40 grams of water - let your coffee bloom. At 30 seconds add more water when you reach 100g pause - repeat and continue pouring until you reach 250 grams. The brew should finish dripping at at around 2 minutes and 20 seconds.



Invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 in Chicago.

The paper used for a Chemex filters is slightly thicker than most, which creates incredibly clean brews, but requires a slightly coarser grind.


· Time: 4 minutes

· 500 ml/ 94C

· Medium / coarse grind

· 33g coffee


Boil filtered water to 95c. Fold your filter paper and place it at the top of the Chemex, wet the paper. This helps the filter

paper tick and gets ride of the residual paper taste. Distribute your coffee into the centre, give it a nudge to flatten the coffee dome. Start your scale and timer. A vigorous first pour to cover all of the coffee. Ever 30 seconds add another 100g of

water in a circular motion until you reach 500g.


Cafietiere / french press

The infusion brewer was invesnted in 1852 by Mayer & Delforge, France. This is an easy to use method, where the coffee

is fully immersed in water giving a very even extraction.


· Time: 4 minutes

· 500 ml/ 94C

· Coarse grind

· 34g coffee

Ensure you preheat your cafietiere with hot water. Grind your coffee beans on a coarse setting. Pour over the hot water. Let it

steep for 4 minutes. Plunge (gentley) the filter to the bottom,pour and enjoy.

Stove top

This iconic coffee maker came to be in 1933, when Alfonso Bialetti manufactured a design by Luigi di Ponti for the first

aluminum stovetop espresso maker. At the time, both coffee and aluminum were symbols of modernity. They hoped to

combine these two things to create an enduring design classic.

· Time: Depends on the size of your machine

· Water depends on the size of your machine

· Medium/ fine ground (a bit coarser then an espresso grind)

· 20 -22g of coffee

 Additionally, always take into account the high level of influence that water chemistry has in your brewing.

Espresso Machine

***coming soon ***

Experiment with using different bottled waters if your tap water seems to leave you struggling to tune your brews to your taste

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